Poppy & Hester: Sweet but oh so Comfy

    June 28, 2016

    Poppy and Hester

    I’m a big fan of Poppy & Hester, the brainchild of Kate Alsanjak and just the sweetest girl around. I love how her range is, although utterly beautiful and sweet, also perfect for active kids like mine. She also sources out all the fabric herself and avoids wholesale in order to keep prices lower without having to compromise on the quality.

    Poppy and Hester

    My favorite pieces are her cardigans – Tila practically lived in Betty Cardigan (made from 50% bamboo and 50% lambswool mix) the entire autumn and winter because it was the only one that didn’t itch and it still looks brand new! And not even one button fell off, which is what happens to us only every third day.


    She received this lovely Anais Vest Top and a new 100% Cotton Betty Cardigan in Pink for the summer now and doesn’t she looks sweet? I wish the Vest came in my size!

    Poppy and Hester

    And Talan is rocking his new Chloe Cotton Cardigan like a big boy.

    Poppy Hester Blanket

    Poppy Hester Blanket

    Besides the clothes there is also the prettiest line of handmade 100% lambswool blankets perfect for newborns, made in Scotland the old-fashion way on an old loom powered by bicycle pedals! I haven’t heard of anything so cool in a very long time. They are warm but lightweight and therefore perfect for multiple uses like swaddling, moses baskets, cots, prams and car journeys. I’m counting the days (literally!) so I can wrap my little baby girl in their Sunset Blanket – isn’t it beautiful?

    Do check out Poppy & Hester Instagram Feed to see her darling range in action, you’ll want it all.

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