Absolutely Gorgeous: Nobodinoz!

October 15, 2012

I’ve been frequently drooling over this Spanish boutique’s exquisite range of children’s fashion but my heart literally skipped a bit when I recently noticed their own collection of soft furniture and decoration.
There are the unbearably cute mattresses that can come in so handy as a chill-out place or an extra sleepover. And the most darling baby mattress protectors the world has ever seen! Plus cushions, bed linen, extra mattress covers, baby cotton blankets, bibs, even a few clothing pieces and so much more… And everything dangerously adorable!

And don’t let the looks fool you – the prices are truly affordable, see for yourself!

Though it would make me even happier happy having seen their delivery fees go down a notch. €32 is just a little too expensive for my taste…

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