Acne JR: Funky Toys

August 4, 2011

I don’t really know how or where I sniffed this Stockholm based brand called Acne JR out anymore but I love their unique toys and the way they present them – just check out their site! Loving the teddy bears with address labels on the back of their heads for €52,25 and they even have a leather edition if you don’t mind the €302,50 price tag that comes with them. And I just adore the soft worm-eating apple (ups, Äpple) and the Trumma, which is a drum/storage box – how genius?! And both big complements to your household décor.

The Apple costs €41,25 and the Drum is 32,45 €. Shipping for Europe is about €17 (60 SEK for Sweden and $29 anywhere else)


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