Adi: the Stay-Put Plate

September 30, 2014

Adi Suction Cup Plate

I usually don’t post on Kikstarter projects but this one I would really love to see happen.

Talan is baby-led weaned which means he’s eating on his own but the plate is one of his favorite toys. So he’s eating his food directly from the table – I don’t need to tell you how fun it is to clean up after him especially if I forget to do it right away and the food dries out and sticks to the table like glue.

Adi Suction Cup Plate

There are some plates with plane suction cups on the market already but they are not really hard to remove – even by tiny hands! And Karen Weiss Kart, a mom of three knows that all too well: after a crucial not-so-fun episode of a flying plate and its content landing on a poor man’s lap in the middle of a restaurant an idea for Adi plate was born! She came up with an innovative plate design that has a strong suction base engineered to stay in place and combined with a quick release tab that enables easy removal but only by a grownup. Plate also comes with a snap-tight lid so you can pre-pack it, simply toss it in your bag and use it wherever you’re headed at! If you’re not convinced yet you’ll sure be after seeing this video!

The plate is from BPA, phthalate and PVC-free materials and is made in USA.

To back this project go here and in case you don’t know how Kickstarter works read about it here

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