Angle: Crème de la crème of Rain Boots!

May 22, 2015


I can’t believe how much my kids have grown in the past year. I just bought them a whole new wardrobe less than six months ago but nothing fits them anymore! They’ve both had a massive growth spurt so this mama is going to have to forget about any new summer pieces for herself ‘cause all my pennies are going into their wardrobe.


And I’m currently at raingear. It’s raining like crazy here for the last few weeks and Tila is complaining about her current rain boots being to small. Of course.
We’ve been faithful fans of Aigle’s for about four years now and we’re staying ones. I’ve tried a couple other brands (not sure why) but they always started to leak at some point. Aigle boots – never! It must be because they are handcrafted.


And although I love their iconic one-color boots the most, Tila of course prefers prints. She currently has them in Liberty Pink print but I have my eyes set on their newest Rain Drops. The raindrops are actually white but isn’t it the coolest idea painting them yourself? I love it!

Ps. They also have the most beautiful adult line, make sure to take a tour around the shop!

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