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May 7, 2015

Art Sticker Books Pablo Picasso

My husband and I were in an art shop here in Göppingen ther other day and we found this amazing Pablo Picasso Sticker Book for kids with six of artist’s paintings on every left side of the book and their incomplete copies on the opposite sites so the children can make exact copies of masterpieces by finding the right stickers and placing them in the right place. The book is created by Sylvie Delpech and Caroline Leclerc from Paris, France.

The book also has a short and easy-to-understand description about the artists life and his work like where he was born, where he studied, what did he do and where he lived and worked. I wanted to save the book for the summer when we’ll hopefully have more time on our hands so I could take a little more time to discuss the paintings and Pablo in general with Tila but she just found it today and couldn’t wait so she almost finished it – I barely convinced her to leave two of the paintings for tomorrow because it was already way after her bedtime already. And you should see her how proud she was to tell her grandparents about what she learned on Pablo. Needless to say I was super proud of her!

Art Sticker Books

I just checked on Amazon and there is a whole series of Sticker Art Shapes books! There is one on Matisse, Klimt, Arcimboldo, Andy Warho and many more! One of the most genius learning tools I’ve ever seen!

You can buy them from Amazon (UK, US, DE and FR)

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