Asos Maternity

October 18, 2013

asos maternity

Just recently I could still easily wear my old tops but the belly is starting to grow like crazy and those pre-pregnancy tops are getting too tight and way too short. Although there are quite a few maternity fashion brands I love I really feel bad spending lots of money on clothes I’ll only wear for a couple of months – pants and bras excluded.

The real need for maternity tops comes only after the 6th month, don’t you think? The flexible waistbands don’t do you any favor before the belly is really showing.

So last week I decided to give it a try and ordered a few pieces from Asos. Prices on some were really, really low so I was kind of skeptic but thanks to their free shipping & return policy I really had nothing to loose. And I’m glad I did it! I absolutely love, love, love every single piece except for one dress that makes me look like an Amish lady (no pun intended) and that one is going back. I have also already bought three pairs of jeans from them and all fit perfectly.

What about you, what’s your favourite online spot for maternity clothes?

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