Baby Jungle SHOP Coming Soon!

May 19, 2016

Baby Jungle SHOP

I’m so very excited and also a little nervous to finally announce something I wanted to for quite a while now.

In just a few days there is going to be an opening of a BABY JUNGLE SHOP! No, I am not kidding and it is something I wanted to do for a while but first it took some time to collect enough courage and then it actually took a few months to put everything together – who knew this thing can’t be done over night?

So in a few days you’ll be able to see a sign SHOP in the menu above that will lead directly to Baby Jungle’s online shop and I hope, with butterflies in my stomach, that you are going to use it and like if not love it!

I would love to say my store is going to be completely different from all the others but let’s be honest here – there are so many beautiful kid’s stores today already or I wouldn’t even be doing what I’m doing for the past few years and my goal is not to compare or try to be better than others but what I want is to offer a range of quality items that I love and swear by at a reasonable price.

At the beginning the range is not going to be enormous but hopefully with time (and some income 🙂 it is going to expand. Besides clothes, toys and other goodies for the kids there are also going to be mommy treats of course and in time I also want to add some cool flea market finds from the local flea markets here in Germany and hopefully even some of my very own creations. What are you thoughts on that?

So, I hope you’re at least as half as excited as I am and see you next week in the shop?

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  • Reply Maja May 20, 2016 at 9:58 am

    I LOVE the flea market idea!!!

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