Baskets of Africa

November 6, 2013

Baskets of Africa

I think Courtney of Babyccino gave me a basket-bug. She has the biggest basket addiction and I just love how organized but decorated at the same time her rooms look thatnks to those baskets. Plus it’s o simple to simply toss all those blocks, Legos and other toys.

I’m not sure where she gets hers from but I recently stumbled upon this site Baskets of Africa with a huge selection of gorgeous one-of-a-kind hand made baskets of all sizes, shapes and colors.

Baskets are hand woven by local African craftspeople throughout the African continent and you can even choose the products by desired regions.

The brand has been founded by Cael Chappell in 2002 and has been led under the principles of Fair Trade which means that by buying a basket you’ll help a craftsperson become financially independent.

I just placed an order for two. Couldn’t resist. And I blame Courtney!

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