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Ellie Fun Day

Ellie Fun Day: Blankets That are so Much More

I don’t know what took me so long to write this post but I have Ellie Fun Day in my bookmarks for ages (well moths but still far too long). They design the most beautiful baby blankets made by marginalized women in India in…

November 25, 2014
Cashmere Cushions Tootsa Macginty

Tootsa MacGinty Cushions

I have always loved the super cute animal Knit Jumpers and Tops from Tootsa MacGinty and now they have also added the most darling line cushions I’ve seen! The Tapestry cushions are a product of collaboration with Valvy Lévy-Debussy, a talented textile designer from…

October 28, 2014

PipSticks: The Sticker Company

How are you handling this awful, awful weather? Just yesterday (ok, three days ago to be accurate) we had 23 degrees Celsius and now we’re down to 5! Yes 5! Is it just as bad as here wherever you are? And of course the…

October 23, 2014
United Animals Wall Hooks BJ

Wooden Wall Hooks from United Animals

I found these super cute wall hooks made from wood in a small toy boutique in Stuttgart the other day and I just couldn’t leave the store without them. The brand is United Animals from Germany but there’s not much to see on their…

September 29, 2014

moyoh Natural Waldorf Dolls

Like just about any other girl Tila absolutely adores dolls and if I let her we’d buy one every time we left our house. Usually I’m strong enough to tell her she has more than enough already but when I see something as gorgeous…

July 28, 2014

Kleynimals: the Perfect Baby Toy!

Thanks to Pinterest I found another great baby toy. Absolutely genius. You know how babies just love to play with (well more lick, chew and bite on) our keys? But you also know how unclean and unsafe they are so you sadly have to…

May 19, 2014
Hörbert mp3 Player

Hörbert Portable Player for Kids

    Papa Bear spotted this wooden radio in an onboard sales magazine last week and was sure I’ll like it. He was right, I do – I love it! And after you read how it works I ensure you you will too! Hörbert…

April 2, 2014
Oscar et Valentine

Super Soft Cashmere Blanket from Oscar et Valentine

Oscar et Valentine have sent a more than generous gift to my baby boy – this gorgeous cashmere blanket. I think I’ve never held real cashmere in my hands before. I always knew it was soft but not this much! It’s just perfect for…

March 31, 2014
Pacifier Braid Clip

Braided Pacifier Clip

A while ago before I was even pregnant with my baby boy I came across these Suede Pacifier Clips from Fashion Love People that can be used as bracelets when your baby is done with it. I loved the idea almost as much as the…

March 20, 2014
Trim Toys 1

Fun and Creative Sets from Trim Toys

I received an email from Catalina and Gabriela from Argentina, friends and the founders of the brand called Trim Toys. They have started the company in 2011 with a desire to design innovative and creative toys that would encourage children’s’ imagination and creativity and…

March 18, 2014
The Summer House

Oh Wow: The Summer House Baby Shoes

I just came across this small boutique called the Summer House selling baby shoes and hair accessories and I swear I could hear my heart beating faster. The brand is based in Munich and established by Zaida Martin who was born in Madrid but…

March 12, 2014
Lieschen Mueller doll patterns

Lieschen Müller Doll Pattern

Tila’s birthday is coming soon. Well in two months but when you have a tiny baby at home, a bunch of to-do’s and a trip in plan it’s like it’s just around the corner. I always try to make this day really special for…

March 6, 2014

Meet Talan + a few of my Favourite Items

Remember me? Yup, I’m finally back. I wish I could say that I’m sorry for not doing it earlier but honestly – I’m really not! 8 weeks ago I gave birth to the most precious little boy (picture proof above) and since this almost…

March 5, 2014
Macarons Bela Body

Day 24: Body Bela from Macarons

I developed a giant crush on this incredible German brand Macarons ever since it was founded and last month I finally ordered a few items for Tila and my baby boy. And oh I’m so glad I did – the quality of their products…

December 24, 2013
Aden Anais New Beginnings Set in Twinkle

Day 21: New Beginnings Set from Aden + Anais Worth €75

There’s been a lot of talk on Aden + Anais already here on Baby Jungle simply because we love them. Who doesn’t know them yet and their high quality products made of softest muslin for babies, kids and now even a few for adults…

December 21, 2013