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Easter Chick pins

Simple Easter Crafts

Easter being just around the corner I thought I’d share some of my old Easter DIY’s. They are also my favorite ones and as always – all super easy! Just click on the photos to get to each post. Ps. How cute is Tila…

April 14, 2014
Pacifier Braid Clip

Braided Pacifier Clip

A while ago before I was even pregnant with my baby boy I came across these Suede Pacifier Clips from Fashion Love People that can be used as bracelets when your baby is done with it. I loved the idea almost as much as the…

March 20, 2014
Trim Toys 1

Fun and Creative Sets from Trim Toys

I received an email from Catalina and Gabriela from Argentina, friends and the founders of the brand called Trim Toys. They have started the company in 2011 with a desire to design innovative and creative toys that would encourage children’s’ imagination and creativity and…

March 18, 2014
Lieschen Mueller doll patterns

Lieschen Müller Doll Pattern

Tila’s birthday is coming soon. Well in two months but when you have a tiny baby at home, a bunch of to-do’s and a trip in plan it’s like it’s just around the corner. I always try to make this day really special for…

March 6, 2014
Mask DIYs

Some Last-Minute Halloween DIY Ideas

Halloween is three days away and I thought a list of some of my old DIY’s could come in handy for the ones that don’t have a costume yet or just want to do one at home. Or maybe there’s just a part you…

October 28, 2013
Jordan Grace Owens Paper Dolls

Jordan Grace Owens Custom Made Paper Doll Portaits

How awesome are these personalized paper dolls? You send a photo of your family (including pets) and Jordan Grace Owens makes and hand-paints paper dolls that will look like you but in a fun and quirky way. I’m not a big fan of family…

October 23, 2013
First Baby Shoes

Make Your Own First Baby Shoes

There’s a new post on Babyccino blog that I wrote and I really want you to see. I absolutely loved this project! If you have a little bundle on the way or know someone that does and you’re seeking for the perfect present you’ll…

October 17, 2013
Pleased to Meet

Pleased to Meet Stationery Goodies

This week I’ve started with my German lessons. So I’m back to school every day for 3 and a half hours for the next…well until I give birth I guess so probably three months. Even though it’s kind of exhausting juggling with Tila’s school,…

October 10, 2013
Paper Scissors Glue Book

Craft Book: Paper Scissors Glue

If you follow my blog even just a bit you must have noticed I’m babbling on and on about how much Tila dislikes crafting and painting. She must be one in the million. But I must say she actually got a lot better –…

July 10, 2013
Pirate Hat

DIY: Cardboard Pirate hat!

Alex and Alexa recently came out with a new and absolutely fabulous blog. Really, it’s an absolute eye candy and the posts are amazing. So I was more than honored when they asked me if I’d contribute a DIY. I’m not really sure how…

June 7, 2013

My Babyccino Posts

  If you follow me either on Facebook or Instagram you have to know already I became one of the Babyccino contributors last month – I have bragged A LOT! But for the ones that didn’t know I wanted to share the two of…

June 5, 2013


How madly adorable are these Olliblocks? And you actually make them yourself. All you have to do is purchase an individual set (or all three and save a bit), print out and stick the images on plane wooden blocks! Adorable as heck! Each set…

April 24, 2013
Naturally dyed eggs

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs!

Have you dyed your Eater eggs already or are you doing it tomorrow? I really wanted to do them this way but my punch still hasn’t arrived – although I ordered it more than two weeks ago. I have even dyed them already so…

March 29, 2013

Simple Easter Craft: Bunny Ears

Even though I couldn’t the all the Easter Crafts I wanted I did make these simple Bunny Ears I found over at this lovely blog called One Little Minute. I decided to spare you with text this time since I think that the photos…

March 27, 2013
Easter DIY Ideas

Easter DIY Ideas

I had set high goals for myself to make a few, most if not all of these Easter-themed ideas I’ve found in different places online. Plus dye eggs and another fun craft, which I actually did make and will post soon. Not sure why…

March 25, 2013