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Please enter!

Ta-tam! Here it is. The shop. Baby Jungle shop. From today on you can enter by going to or simply by clicking on the last menu item above – SHOP! I do hope you like it and please let me know if there…

May 26, 2016

Much Loved by Mark Nixon

Just recently I learned to like waiting rooms. Me, alone, no kids, a magazine and time to add bunch of new bookmarks! I’m secretly thinking about trying to add even more doctor appointments. This is just one of the things I found at my…

April 21, 2016
Zara Home Bed Linen Floral


Have you ever been in ZARA HOME store? It is heaven, pure heaven. I’ve only been once but I remember wanting to stay in there forever. Their range is much more sophisticated than most of the other high street brand’s and their quality is…

March 15, 2016
NeoBio Apple Shampoo

Pure Liquid Gold: Apple Shampoo from NeoBio

I think I must have just found a bottle of pure liquid gold! I was in the store with baby T earlier this week and we’ve already been waiting in line at the checkout when I remembered I need shampoo. To my luck the…

October 15, 2015
Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones Studio

With the help of her partner Edward, Lisa began with hand printed cards back in 2010 and since then she added plenty more to her range. Now you can find find everything from Lampshades, cute Hangers and Clocks, Prints, Mugs, Wraps and even Picture…

October 14, 2015
Green People Artichoke and Quinoa Haircare

New from Green People: Quinoa & Artichoke Haircare

There is a brand new product from one of my favorite cosmetic lines Green People you need to know about. The Quinoa & Artichoke Shampoo and Conditioner. Yes, I received testers for the both but I would honestly not write about them if I…

July 20, 2015
Food Huggers

Food Preserving Caps: Food Huggers!

I have always wondered what other people do with the half finished fruits and veggies. I usually wrap them in a plastic wrap, which is bad for both the environment and us as the PVC the wrap is made of is toxic and can…

April 21, 2015
Vila Malina POT print

Gorgeous Stationery From Vila Malina

I’m especially happy and proud to do this post because I can show you what amazing talents live in a little country I come from, Slovenia. I’ve been following Urška Jenko on her Instagram for a long time now and that is how we…

April 14, 2015
Senz Umbrella

Senz: Umbrellas That Won’t Turn Inside Out!

We had the worst weather the whole last week: rain and wind. And I’m not talking about those mild showers and gentle winds I’m talking about the in-your-face rain and the umbrella-turning kind of wind. Every single day. From Monday through Saturday. And just…

April 7, 2015
DD Cream Green People Ingredients

NEW Tinted DD Moisturiser from Green People

I’m such a big fan of Green People products as you can see from my previous reviews here, here and here. Their products never leave me cold so I’m always so excited when I get a chance to try out something new from them…

March 16, 2015
Pleased to Meet Recipe Boxes

the Perfect Place to Save Your Recipes in: Recipe Boxes

My husband and I we love to cook. And over the years we accumulated a few very good recipes and we usually write them on small pieces of paper and put them on our fridge. But we just talked about how unorganized they are…

February 20, 2015
Lush Toothy Tabs

Can’t Live Without: Toothy Tabs from Lush

A few weeks ago my sister told me about the Toothy Tabs from Lush and I was hooked after the first time I tried them. They are natural solid toothpaste tabs that you simply crush between your teeth and as soon as they get…

February 11, 2015
Sarah and Bendrix Xylophone Dog

Sarah & Bendrix Delights

Have you seen our Christmas Gift Guides? I truly love every single item from all three but there are a few new brands among them that I really want to present in separate posts. Like Sarah & Bendrix, a small design studio from United…

December 9, 2014
Don Fisher

Don Fisher Fish Bags

How utterly cute are these fish bags? I have not seen anything so original and adorable in a very long time. Even the interior features the most genius print of a fish skeleton so when you open them up they look just like the…

November 5, 2014
Magic Eraser

The Ultimate Cleaning Tool: Magic Eraser!

Did you ever hear about a magic eraser? I learn about it a couple of weeks ago and now it feels like I’ve missed out on so much. My life is definitely a lot shinier with this little white block of foam in my…

November 4, 2014