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Poppy and Hester

Poppy & Hester: Sweet but oh so Comfy

I’m a big fan of Poppy & Hester, the brainchild of Kate Alsanjak and just the sweetest girl around. I love how her range is, although utterly beautiful and sweet, also perfect for active kids like mine. She also sources out all the fabric herself…

June 28, 2016

Please enter!

Ta-tam! Here it is. The shop. Baby Jungle shop. From today on you can enter by going to or simply by clicking on the last menu item above – SHOP! I do hope you like it and please let me know if there…

May 26, 2016
Little Unicorn Backpack

Sweet Baby Delights from Little Unicorn

There is nothing more beautiful to me than having a newborn baby wrapped up in a swaddling blanket. A delicious baby burrito in a beautiful swaddle – is there anything more precious? Except for the smell? Mmmm…I can’t wait! Plus it truly is the…

March 14, 2016
Quut Lili Bath Toy

Sloopi and Lili: Quut’s Newest Editions

Remember the last time I posted on Quut, the most amazing beach toy brand from Belgium? After a line of multifunctional beach toys made from durable high quality plastic that doesn’t contain any BPA or latex and are also recyclable they also designed two…

March 27, 2015
Meadow Kids Bathtime Stickers Silly Faces

Bath Time Stickers from Meadow Kids

I almost never shower my kids instead I bathe them every day. I think it’s more convenient for me since it takes less time, I love the fact that I don’t need to use any shower gels or other bath products unless it’s “hair…

February 10, 2015

An Ode to the Best SnotSucker on the Market: NoseFrida!

We’ve all switched rounds being sick in the last month. Even I succumbed and I (almost) never get sick. And it was baby Talan’s very first cold – something I really wasn’t looking forward to. The trickiest and one of the most difficult parts…

November 28, 2014

WaterWipes: Baby Wipes as Pure as Water!

    I’m super picky when it comes to baby wipes. They can’t have any strange chemicals, oils or god forbid artificial fragrances. We changed quite a few already since they were either too small, too big, too foamy or just not moist enough…

November 6, 2014

Siriderma: the Perfect Solution for Baby Eczema

Soon after baby Talan was born he developed eczema all over the front of his body and on his cheeks. I was so sad to see him like this! I thought it was a rare condition but apparently not. Many babies have it and…

July 15, 2014
Jack N' Jill

Day 23: Goodies from Jack N’ Jill

We are loyal to Jack N’ Jill’s products ever since we first tried them out. And there are a few reasons for that: their toothpastes are organic, don’t contain any fluoride, sugar, artificial flavor and colors, SLS or preservatives and they are also super…

December 23, 2013
Aden Anais New Beginnings Set in Twinkle

Day 21: New Beginnings Set from Aden + Anais Worth €75

There’s been a lot of talk on Aden + Anais already here on Baby Jungle simply because we love them. Who doesn’t know them yet and their high quality products made of softest muslin for babies, kids and now even a few for adults…

December 21, 2013
La Langerie

Day 17: Pacifier Clip and Perfume from La Langerie

Oh I can’t wait to try out the softest Swaddling Blankets, Bed Sheets, Wipes and the Baby Bag from La Langerie that are already waiting for my little baby boy. The bibs Tila has for almost a year now are still like brand new…

December 17, 2013
Green People New Baby Hamper Set

Day 12: New Baby Hamper Organic Set from Green People

We absolutely love Green People in our house. Their cosmetic products are not only natural, organic and gentle but they also work! Green People is a pioneering brand established in 1997 by Charlotte Vøhtz, a mom of then 2-year old girl suffering from eczema…

December 12, 2013
Green People Berry Smoothie and Aloe Deo2

New: Organic Berry Smoothie Line from Green People

I love trying out new cosmetic products but there are two things I demand from them – they have to be natural (preferably organic) and shouldn’t be tested on animals. Without compromise even if they promise to do wonders. A few years ago there…

November 26, 2013
Mini Divas

Mini Diva Natural Cosmetic Products

I love pretty bottles after all what girl doesn’t? But unfortunately usually the prettiest ones have the worst content. I really try to go as natural as it goes especially when I’m buying cosmetic products for Tila. So I usually go for the ones…

September 2, 2013
Il Tutto Frankie

The New il tutto Frankie Tote

As soon as I found out I was pregnant with Tila I made myself a promise I’ll find a baby bag that doesn’t really look like one. That’s how I got my il tutto bag. They are every style-savvy mom’s dream – seriously gorgeous…

August 7, 2013