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Little Unicorn Backpack

Sweet Baby Delights from Little Unicorn

There is nothing more beautiful to me than having a newborn baby wrapped up in a swaddling blanket. A delicious baby burrito in a beautiful swaddle – is there anything more precious? Except for the smell? Mmmm…I can’t wait! Plus it truly is the…

March 14, 2016

Sweet Baby Range from By Heritage

There is a new Swedish brand named By Heritage that was founded last year and although they have a very cute baby clothing line my eyes are more set on their sweetest range of cuddling toys, baby bed linen and other room accessories. Their…

September 10, 2015

Meet Talan + a few of my Favourite Items

Remember me? Yup, I’m finally back. I wish I could say that I’m sorry for not doing it earlier but honestly – I’m really not! 8 weeks ago I gave birth to the most precious little boy (picture proof above) and since this almost…

March 5, 2014
Aden Anais New Beginnings Set in Twinkle

Day 21: New Beginnings Set from Aden + Anais Worth €75

There’s been a lot of talk on Aden + Anais already here on Baby Jungle simply because we love them. Who doesn’t know them yet and their high quality products made of softest muslin for babies, kids and now even a few for adults…

December 21, 2013
La Langerie

New at La Langerie: Fitted Sheets and a Diaper Bag

I can’t stop raving about the muslin by my opinion there is just no better material for kids out there. And when it’s organic – that much better! I have a couple of swaddling blankets and a set of cloth bibs from La Langerie…

October 11, 2013
La Langerie

La Langerie Swaddling Blankets

I’m a big, giant fan of baby swaddling. The first thing I’m buying when we decide on the número dos is a bunch of swaddling blankets. Swaddling is proven to be one of the best, most gentle and natural ways to comfort newborns. Even…

September 12, 2012
BALlab Baby Cushions

BALlab Baby Chain Cushions

I spotted these Baby Pillows from a brand new Danish brand called BALlab and immediately put them onto my imaginary “Must-Haves for our Baby Number 2” list! I need to have the one with the black and white stripes – love, love, love, drooling-all-over-the-place…

August 20, 2012
Je Porte Mon Bebe

Genius Wraps: Je Porte Mon Bebe

When Tila was a baby I used to wear her in a sling and the only thing I regret is that I didn’t use it even more often and longer. Now when she is starting to grow up into a little lady-devil I really…

May 23, 2012
SIS HOTmilk Nightie

WIN HOTmilk’s Nightie!

I wrote about this gorgeous pregnancy and nursing lingerie aka. HOTmilk a while ago (here) and there’s a reason why I’m doing it again. Actually it’s two and both are muy fun! Número uno: I’m not a big fan of look-at-this-fun-youtube-video but your heart…

February 28, 2011
My Package

Aden + Anais Review and a BIG GIVEAWAY!

I have already mentioned Aden + Anais in one of my previous posts but it’s time to do it again. I was sent one Cozy Sleeping Bag, a Dream Blanket, one Classic Muslin Swaddle and their Swaddle Love Book to review and I will…

January 5, 2011

Multi-Purpose Baby Cushion from L’oiseau Bateau

I like to put all toys and other stuff that Tila has no use for anymore away. But there’s one thing that came in so very handy when she was only a tiny bundle and is still sticking around. I’m talking about a multi-purpose cushion…

November 24, 2010
aden anais

Swaddling With aden + anais Swaddles

When my daughter was born she was crying (better: screaming) A LOT! And very few things helped. But swaddling was the major one. I always thought it looks a torture but when I finally did it I changed my opinion to – miracle. She…

November 11, 2010

Olli Ella Nursing Chairs

I think I’ll want this one with my next baby. Olli Ella nursery chairs are as stylish as nursery chairs get. These stunning contemporary designed chairs are hand-made in England and they promise to last generations. Made of luxurious, stain-resistant microsuede in a choice…

November 9, 2010
Hot Milk 1

Hot Milk Maternity Lingerie – No More Granny Underwear!

If you’re anything like me and reject wearing “granny underwear” while being pregnant or nursing than you’ll thank me for helping you out big time! Hot Milk is a New Zealand based company founded by Lisa, a very tired of not finding a decent pair of…

September 13, 2010