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Ava & Yves

Ava & Yves Stationery Delights

I just came across one of the most darling brands I’ve seen and to my luck it’s actually German! Ava & Yves is a relatively new brand founded in 2013 and starting exclusively with stationery (the most beautiful wrapping paper, notepads, gorgeous folders (my…

October 9, 2015
Vila Malina POT print

Gorgeous Stationery From Vila Malina

I’m especially happy and proud to do this post because I can show you what amazing talents live in a little country I come from, Slovenia. I’ve been following Urška Jenko on her Instagram for a long time now and that is how we…

April 14, 2015
Don Fisher

Don Fisher Fish Bags

How utterly cute are these fish bags? I have not seen anything so original and adorable in a very long time. Even the interior features the most genius print of a fish skeleton so when you open them up they look just like the…

November 5, 2014
Cardboard Piggy Bank London Bus1

DIY: Cardboard London Bus Piggy Bank

Have you seen my tiny contribution on Babyccinokids Blog already? This is one of my favorite crafts. It’s so easy to do, finished in under an hour and the outcome in super cool! You can see step-by-step photos and read the instructions here. And…

October 24, 2014
Ekaterina Trukhan

Ekaterina Trukhan Sweetness

Cute stationery to me is like candy to a child – I can NOT resist! Cards, Prints, Notebooks – I want them all! And the worst things is that I have the hardest time starting new notebooks so I have so many already that…

October 9, 2014
Pleased to Meet

Pleased to Meet Stationery Goodies

This week I’ve started with my German lessons. So I’m back to school every day for 3 and a half hours for the next…well until I give birth I guess so probably three months. Even though it’s kind of exhausting juggling with Tila’s school,…

October 10, 2013