Charlie Crane Baby Rockers

November 26, 2014

Charlie Crane Rocker

We’re way past rocking times – baby T turned on his tummy a few days before turning 4 month old so we didn’t use ours for a very long time. But it was much appreciated for those 4 months.

Charlie Crane Rocker

Recently I came across this beautiful Charlie Crane rocker and it almost made me want to have another baby (so if number 3 actually ever happens I’m blaming it on this rocker!). But besides its super sleek design doesn’t it look super comfortable? And how darling are their fabric patterns?
I wish they were making them in adult size. Wouldn’t that be cool? And I would never turn around, no need to worry about that. I could forever stay on my back in that rocker!

Charlie Crane Rocker

All Charlie Crane Rockers are made from beech wood and finished with removable and machine washable cotton cushions

Available from Alex & Alexa and a few other online boutiques

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