Chatty Feet: Matching Socks for the Whole Family

April 20, 2016

Don Cottone Chatty Feet

This was one of the most fun reviews I had to do in a very long time. The whole family was super excited to receive the quirkiest socks from Chatty Feet I’ve seen, a brainchild of (I bet) two super fun guys Gil Kahana and Humberto de Sousa! Needles to say this was one “photo shooting” kids actually wanted to participate in. Usually they hate taking photos. Now all they wanted to do is wiggle their toes and show off their feet! No props were needed, socks themselves did the trick.

Kate Middle_Toe Chatty Feet

Now Tila and I share matching Kate Middle-Toe’s and Talan and Papa Bear the Don Cottone’s! And every time my daughter wears hers she wants me to wear mine too! How cute? I think we’ll buy a few more just for the fun of it.

Chatty Feet Socks1

All socks are made from silky soft and comfortable combed cotton and produced in Portugal. Are these the perfect socks or what?

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