Chef’s Knife For Kids: Opinel Le Petit Chef

May 6, 2015

Opinel Le Petit Chef

I want to but I can’t really say that my husband and I always loved to cook but we are definitely discovering big passion in cooking and food in general now. We even decided to have a little garden this year, which was something we saw as a big burden just couple of years ago.

Naturally we want the kids to be a part of it and Tila likes to help prepare food but the knife I bought for her is taking all the fun out of cutting for her. I didn’t want to buy her one that would be too sharp but the one she has now is even more dangerous for cuts than a sharper one.

Opinel Le Petit Chef

But recently I discovered the perfect solution – this beautiful knife from Opinel designed especially for kids. It has a special educational ring between the blade and handle in order to prevent the little hand from slipping onto the blade while teaching proper technique. And a special finger guard that comes with the set helps position fingers from the other hand into a claw grip used by professional cooks in order to keep them away from the blade. To ensure extra safety the tip of the knife is round.

There are two types of sets – one with the knife and a finger guard and one with an additional peeler. You can buy them over Amazon (UK, DE, FR) or find your nearest retailer here

Photos courtesy of Opinel

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