Christmas Gift Tips: Cozy Slippers and Tights

November 24, 2015


There is no secret we’re huge fans of Collegiens. We still own at least pair of their slippers at all times. And since we tried their tights we’re hooked on those as well. Tila gets so nervous when her tights are rolling down and that happened to all of the high-street brand’s tights so we decided to invest in tights that have strong elasticated waist like Collegien’s and MP (Martin Pederson). We bought a few pairs of the latter from Elias & Grace this year and we love them. The colors are beautiful, the fabric is fabulous – soft and warm and they wash great.

MP Tights

So my today’s suggestion is a pair of Collegien slippers – you cannot go wrong here. They are super fun and so useful. Kids can easily put them on themselves at a very young age already, they feel like socks but prevent the slipping and can be simply thrown in a washing machine. We still have old pair from tila waiting for Talan’s tiny feet.

And if you’d like to add a pair of cozy tights I suggest either Collegien’s or MP’s. What a lovely Christmas gift, right?

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