Christmas Gift Tips: Magician’s Suitcase

November 20, 2015

Magician's Suitcase

My girl only wants one thing from Father Christmas – a magician’s suitcase. I am so happy she turned out this humble girl that doesn’t want much. And I love this idea and can just see her making magic shows for us.

I saw this suitcase from Torquato a few years ago but Tila was much too small for it than but we will most definitely write mr. Santa to get her one this year 😉

Magician's Suitcase

You can pretty much see the content – the suitcase has a wooden frame and a lock and inside are accessories and magic items to preform 9 different tricks and instructions of course.

You can get them from a few German internet shops like Dieters Spielzeug (the only one in Englsih that I could find), Biber and Welt des Wohnen

Photos courtesy of Biber

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