Craft Book: Paper Scissors Glue

July 10, 2013

Paper Scissors Glue Book

If you follow my blog even just a bit you must have noticed I’m babbling on and on about how much Tila dislikes crafting and painting. She must be one in the million. But I must say she actually got a lot better – or maybe I did at choosing the right kind of tools and kinds of crafts for her.

Paper Scissors Glue

Like this last book I bought for her, well for the two of us. It’s called Paper Scissor Glue and it’s full of fun and easy-to-make craft project for kids from really young age and even for older ones. I’d say it’s perfect for 3 to about 8-year-olds. We have already made a bunch of stuff and she sat through them all! That has never happened before – usually she fled on me after about 5 minutes.

You can get one from Amazon or Book Depository

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