Creamy Vanilla and Cinnamon Honey

March 5, 2012

Even people who know me only for a day must know I am crazy about honey! I love everything about it – the texture (I prefer when it’s crystallized though), the smell, the taste, the fact it makes my skin super soft and I could go on and on for quite a while.
Anyways, I received a small jar or creamy vanilla and cinnamon honey for Christmas and it only got to stick around for about 2 days. But lucky me I had a brand new jar of creamy honey, vanilla pod plus cinnamon at home and a few minutes later there it was – creamy vanilla and cinnamon honey, again!

If you want to do it too, you’ll need:
Creamy Honey
Vanilla Pod

First cut open (down the middle) and, using the tip of the knife, scrape vanilla beans from the pod and instead of throwing the pod away after, put it in a jar of sugar – yuuummy!
Melt a spoon of honey, mix in the vanilla beans and a bit of cinnamon (like a pinch or two). Mix into the rest of the honey with a (preferably) wooden spoon or honey dipper. Don’t give up – mix until evenly spread!

Ps. It makes one very awesome gift for “my kind” of people…

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  • Reply Raphaëlle Lory Huerfana March 5, 2012 at 1:53 pm

    I am like you I like honey =) but I could unable to reproduce these, so I just read your article
    unless one day I decided to try =)

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