Dreamy Fairies from DORIMU

May 7, 2012

Tila got a few very nice gifts for her birthday but there is one that I just have to show you. Remember the DORIMU dolls? Well, Ziva’s imagination apparently wouldn’t settle down and decided to take a step forward. And here is the outcome – these gorgeous Dreamy Fairies. How incredible are they? Just look at all the little details like pearls, the wooden swings (our is made of tree bark!), wings, hats, crowns, hair, shoes or even tights! And the choice of colours is just incredible.
There is actually a story, a book, behind these fairy creatures (which is for now only published in Slovenian) and so each fairy comes with its own part written on a piece of paper. So you can make a lovely bedtime routine out of it: swing a fairy, read the story and off you go to la la land. Doesn’t it sound nice? I’ll try that with Tila for sure.
These little beauties are practically gone before they’re even made so you need to place an order about 2 weeks in advance. The price is at €25 quite kind and same goes for shipping – €5 across EU

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