Early Rider Balancing Bike

June 22, 2016

We have the Early Rider bike since Tila was only 1.5 years old but I just realized I have never posted about it. And I most definitely should. As I said, we got it for her almost 6 years ago and she used it a lot and now Talan is also using it (and having the time of his life!) and it has many, many kilometres left in him for our third one plus I think we might keep it for our grandkids at the end.

What’s so special about the Early Rider is, besides the cool look, that it’s make wood but at 3.2kg it’s also extremely light, which is pretty important when the kid get’s distracted my bees and heavy vehicles on the way and wants to continue the journey by foot so you end up carrying the bike.

What’s also great about the balancing bikes in general is first the obvious thing – they teach small kids to balance, they are alos safer than trycicles because kids focus on balancing rather than pedaling and children that use balancing bikes switch much faster and easier to normal bikes, with pedals.

We have never used the training wheels or trikes, we simple began with the balancing bike and Tila needed literally 7 minutes to learn to ride the real bike when she just turned 3. Now I was just observing Talan this weekend and I think he could already use the pedal bike but I think I’ll wait just a little longer.

Here are a few more reasons why Early Rider deserves the fame and the price and you can find your nearest retailer right here

ps. The helmet is from Nutcase and the shoes are from 10IS and they are currently having a huge summer sale very worth taking a peek!

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