Etsy day! Close your mouth…

February 7, 2011

Ok I think I’ve been pretty good with “no Etsy for a while” but now it’s time again. Let me share a few of my favourite hunts:

Lemons anyone? I can just see my daughter in this cutest little screaming-for-summer dress! Made to order and available in size 1-8 years. Price: $36 (about €26) plus $8 (about €6) for shipping to EU from FaithWorks4U. And there’s an adorable range of retro inspired dresses for little girls.

Now I know I’ve been on “girls side” a tiny bit more than boys but this one is for little charmers only: Tyrannosaurus Rex Push Toy! Is this a cool one or not? It even opens mouth, moves its arms and legs when dragged along! Or this Dragon Pull Toy? Both super cool and a must-have for every little macho boy!

$49.75 (about €36) plus $19.75 (about €14) for hipping to EU and $25.75 (about €19) for a Dragon plus $15 (about €11) for shipping to EU at ArksAndAnimals.

There’s always room for a new cushion right? And if it’s nearly as sweet as these two: Fantastic Mr. Fox and Heart Me Bunny? Features original illustration and silkscreen with hand sewn details (the bunny even has a little fluffy tail – I can here your awwwws up to here!).

Price: $32 (about €23) each and $10 (about €7) to get to you from KushKush store.

I know, I know, I’m bad but I can’t resist. And I can just hear my mom saying: “oh Polona and her shoes”. My family was always saying I’ll marry a shoes maker one day…and maybe I would if I only found the right one (i.e. making shoes gorgeous enough). So I ended up with a handball player instead.

All kidding aside, back to serious stuff – shoes! This are one of most stylish baby shoes I saw! And don’t worry – of course they are soft-soled. They come in sizes 0-9 months so won’t fit my girl anyways. But next time…you know the rest. They have everything: from boots, shoes, sandals and even headbands to match. Prices: from $22.50 (about €16) up to $36.50 (about €27) (depends on the kind) and shipping is very reasonable $4.50 (about €3) for EU. Zuzii shop.

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