Genius Wraps: Je Porte Mon Bebe

May 23, 2012

When Tila was a baby I used to wear her in a sling and the only thing I regret is that I didn’t use it even more often and longer. Now when she is starting to grow up into a little lady-devil I really miss those times when she wanted to be carried 24/7! She absolutely hated both the pram and the push chair but she loved the sling – the combination of being close to me and wrapped up snug like a little burrito always calmed her down and made her fall asleep (wanna see?)! Always! I wish I could sleep with her in it back then, maybe that way I’d get more than two hours of undisturbed sleep. So I absolutely plan to carry my next one as often and for as long as my petiteness can handle!

I found these wraps from a French brand called Je Porte Mon Bebe (I Carry My Baby) and I admit my eye twitched for their looks first (don’t you just love the colours?) but after I looked into their use a bit more, all I can say is – genius!

Their wraps are made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex which means both breathability and stretchiness (without getting saggy), they’re big enough to be suitable for both parents, allow numerous positions (front, hip, back, lying, sitting you name it!) up until they reach 14 kg. You can easily nurse and bottle feed the baby while in the wrap and again – they are absolutely gorgeous!
Wraps come in two sizes – the long one measures 5m in length but you can cut any extra off and the short one is only 3.5m long and designed mostly for hip and back carrying. And they even have Doll Wraps – oh Tila would (will?) so love that!

Did or do you carry your baby? Which carrier/wrap/sling do you prefer?

You can order wraps directly from them for €79,90 or €59 for Short ones and shipping across France is free, €5 for the rest of the Europe.
Or you can get them from the two gorgeous online boutiques Noeuf and My Little Square

Ps. don’t worry maybe it looks like it’s complicated to put on but I guarantee you’ll master it in a matter of days! Just look at this video – that daddy is a pro, isn’t he?

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