HAMA Beads

February 15, 2013

I bought these PYSLA beads in IKEA a while ago and even though Tila got really enthusiastic at first she soon gave up. The beads are just too small for her little fingers and they need much, much more concentration, precision and time that she is capable of handling at this age. So we soon gave up.

But I just spotted a very similar thing a few days ago – beads from Hama and they have three different sizes: Maxi, Midi and Mini. I decided to take the Maxi starter pack (a butterfly) to see if she’d even like it. And guess what – she did! And she even finished it in one day! First she did like a half of it, took about an hour of dancing-and-singing brake (I had to join of course!) and then she decided to finish the rest of it! All by herself! Of course mama had to take picture proof during the process!

Hama beads are a wonderful tool especially for kids that lack the concentration and inclination to finish a task. They also help improving fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

For those of you that don’t know the concept:

There is a pegboard on which you place the beads and then you fuse the design together with and iron in order to make the creation permanent and ready for display. Tila’s butterfly is proudly embellishing daddy’s bedside table. Lucky him.

You can find them in almost every bigger toy store or on the web (their delivery to most EU countries is £5.75 or about €6.50)

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