Hansel from Basel

December 13, 2012

And when I already think there are no super cute (minus tacky) socks and tights for kids over 2 – wham, I find these! Now if these are not just too cute to handle than maybe I should stop blogging. Since Marimekko I can honestly say I’ve never seen cuter ones. Absolutely beautiful! And the good news is that, besides being made of organic cotton (giant teeth-showing smile on my face), they also come in sizes from as little as 0 and all the way up to 5 years!

The only thing I hate is too many equally darling color combinations – I mean, how the heck can I pick only a few? But they say feet don’t grow as fast after kids turn 3, right? So they might last longer… right? No? Sure?

Anyway, you can get them directly from Hansel from Basel’s web shop for €5.77 – €7.69 (socks) and €16.92 – €23.84 (tights) plus shipping to EU €10.73 or from one of the sweetest boutiques, Sweet William Ltd.

Ps. Women’s sizes and models available too!

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