Hartendief Sillhouete Lamps

February 24, 2012

I cannot stop looking at these lampshades! Hylkia de Jong originally studied fashion design in Rotterdam but only after the birth of her daughter found her true inspiration – first she started with accessories for children’s rooms and now her main activity is designing children’s lamps. They look like simple one-coloured but Hartendief lamps literally come to life when lighted. A silhouette is hidden inside the shade and can only be seen when the light is on! How magical?
Their first Series of lamps Toverlampen have a silver or gold silhouette and are available in six different, equally adorable designs. You can also choose between seven different colours of shades.
The Illuzzz Serie is a collection of gorgeous colourful lamps – the shade itself is white but the hidden silhouette comes in different colours. There are also three different designs to choose from.
Price of a Toverlampen lamp is €90 and the Illuzzz one costs €99. Shipping to EU countries is €6.75

Ps. Nope, there is no English button, the site is only in Dutch but if the Translator doesn’t help enough you can still simply shoot Hylkia an email: info(at)hartendief.com

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