Hickies: Turn a Shoe into a Slip-On

September 3, 2013


Is this an amazing idea or what? So simple it amazes me it’s new…

If you haven’t figured it out from the photo yet Hickies are some sort of elastic bands that replace traditional shoelaces and turn shoes into slip-ons! They come in multiple colors and one size fits all – even kids! They simply stretch out and bounce back into their original size.

Tila got a pack to try out and we are hooked! Up to now I had to buy her shoes with velcro straps for kindergarten so she could put them on herself but these darlings made things so much easier for me – no need for velcro’s anymore! Genius (yup, here it is again)!

If you want to see how it works you need to see this video – you’ll love it and there are actually more ways to use them – check it out!

A pack of 14 Hickies cost $19.99 (about €15) and two of them are only $30 (about €23) and International shipping goes from $10.40m so about €8

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