Iwishiwasa Handmade Costumes

September 25, 2013


Their mission: to create original, beautiful, fun and vibrant costumes that capture imagination. My assessment: done, done, done and oh so done! I’m a big fun of costumes and letting kids pretend play all-year long not just on Halloween and other costume-allowed holidays. I even let Tila wear hers in public. Papa bear still needs some persuasion and puppy eyes on that matter before saying yes but he’s getting much, much better.

I just can’t stand the cheap looking and tacky pieces that’s my only requirement. I’d rather save up and only get Tila a fewer pieces that will last for ages or hopefully maybe even for her to pass on to her kids. And the iwishiwasa costumes are just that and so much more – not only extremely cool but also hardwearing, heirloom pieces to treasure forever and best of all is that most, if not all of them are unisex that can be easily switched between brothers and sisters!

Each and every item is handmade in London (UK) and can be easily customized. Shipping is available worldwide and costs between €2 and €5

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