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September 29, 2015

Purl Bee

If there is something I want to learn in my life it’s knitting. I love the idea of it and I can only imagine how therapeutic it must be but the thing I love the most about it is of course the final product! I absolutely adore knits. The only thing that is stopping me from learning is the time I know I need to dedicate to this skill before I get to the point I can create something like on these photos above and below. Until then I have to ask our grandmas and if anyone else volunteers – here is my contact 😉


But for all of you talented mamas, papas, aunts, unkles, grandmas, maybe even grandpas (wouldn’t that be the coolest thing?) I wanted to share these two amazing sites: The Purl Bee with their beautiful range of knitting patterns (some of them are even free) and also sewing (I made this Bonnets for my kids this summer – have you seen Talan wearing it?), Crochet, Embroidery and Weaving (this Plaid Scarf made me want to buy my own weaving tools like today) plus some super fun crafts! The more I look at this this the more I love it. Such heaven for all us crafty wannabes!

And then there is also Pickles with some equally cute kids patterns that cost less than 2€ but I also love the ones for mamas and papas! Those chunky sweaters would almost make me like the winter!

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