Little Cloud Room Delightness

October 30, 2015

Little Cloud

Claire from Little Cloud sent me the sweetest email and told me little something about her boutique. But that wasn’t enough for me and the typical nosy girl that I am I snooped around her site for even more details and you will love her story;
Claire was born in France and she first started to sew at the age of 5 already on her grandmother’s old Singer sewing machine* and never stopped. She now lives in England and immediately after she tucks her kids to bed in the evening she first stretches her fingers, turns on her sewing machine and the then magic begins: the most beautiful Crowns for little girls that want to play princess, sweetest Musical Ballerina Cushions that I know every girl would want (even I would!), Cushions with Names and darling wall décor (my favorite are Liberty Fabric Clouds), lovely High Chair Cushions, Wire Signs and Garlands every Kid’s Room should have come from under her own two hands!

I know Tila would love to haveher room filled with this delightness and I would want to be her roommate.

*This makes me think that maybe I could let me 6-year old use mine already? She’s been asking me for ages! When did you teach kids how to sew with a sewing machine? I have been looking at the one for kids but they all have bad reviews! Any suggestions there?

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