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May 9, 2011

It might sound strange but I do buy things for me too! And to make it sound even weirder – I’m not a big fan of buying clothes for me (this does not concern children clothes in any way!!!) but I could easily spend a few hours in a great shoe or bag store and I do love to buy cosmetics…  So this post is actually baby/kid free as these are three of my current favourite cosmetic products:

I’m a big sucker for nice packaging! Even when I’m buying shampoo the bottle needs to catch my eye… And something like that happened with this one from S.A.V.E (or BeSave! – I think they changed their name just recently) and it said “organic” so it was sold! But luckily it ended up as one of best ones I tried – if not THE best one! And I usually need a conditioner but not with this one! Love, love, loooove it!

£9.90 (ca. €11) plus £2.95 (UK) or ca. €7 (EU) for shipping from Beauty Bazaar


Nuxe almost never disappoints me so I decided to try out their new BIO Beauté line a bit. And so their Nourishing Hand Cream ended up on my “favourite cosmetic product” list! It stays on my hands for a long, long time but without making my keyboard greasy! Could you ask for more?

And this last one will probably surprise my friends. I never use lipstick or gloss as they make my lips super dry – and I’ve tried just everything! BUT! – my last compulsive purchase made me think again. The “protecting” and “spf15” part of text on the bottle of Baume Prodigieux Levres lip gloss from Nuxe convinced me! Now this is officially my all-time favourite lip thingy! It truly nourishes my lips and in a pretty, glossy way! They come in 4 different shades – I went for the Natural Crystal.

You can find Nuxe’s products in most pharmacies or you can simply find nearest retailers here.


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