Most Perfect Waterproof Wear from Muddy Puddles

June 24, 2016

Muddy Puddles

It’s summer finally and I should talk about shorts and swimsuits but there was no sign of sun until two days ago here so we used a lot of raingear lately. We’ve been big fans of rain (and snow) suits ever since Tila was still a toddler. We lived in Denmark back than and all (and I mean ALL!) the kids wear them there so they can freely enjoy jumping in puddles or have careless fun in the snow. And no matter where in fact – they wear them in daycares, in the city, on trips, anywhere while out&about so they are always prepared. Isn’t that a great idea? And how fun for the kids not having to worry about getting wet or cold?

Muddy Puddles

So, we’ve tried a few different brands by now and we were the most satisfied with the Wheat and Ticket to Heaven snowsuits (you can read my post on both here again) but last year we found our favourite rain suit brand: Muddy Puddles! We absolutely their waterproof range! Tila has their rain and snow jackets, pants, bib and braces and Talan absolutely adores their Scamp suits. They are perfect! They come with a removable fleece under layer, fitted with press studs so it can be worn with both layers during the winter and without the fleece now when it’s much too warm for thick layers. Or you can also only wear the fleece in fact. So very useful.

But the Scamp suits are currently sold out, though I think they should come back before autumn.

Muddy Puddles

Not to worry, they still have the Pac-an-All-In-Ones! These are not only super cute (can you even decide on your favorite design?), so you can truly wear them anywhere, completely rainproof of course, super light, breathable, machine washable and they fold down into a pocket in the front so small that you can easily keep it in your handbag!

Can’t go wrong with any of their piece in fact and their line comes in sizes from 0 and all the way up to 12 years!

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