My “Shocking” Confession

March 30, 2011

I just need to do this! If you read my blog even only every now and then (first, thank you!) you know I’m a bit too over judgemental when it comes to (cheap) plastic toys – I simply hate do not like them… BUT – yes, here it is – a GIANT, FAT “but”: we do own a few ppp… pppl… plaaa… plastic ones… (but really a can-count-on-the-fingers-of-one-hand few!) and we’ll have one more soon! I spotted this pull-along cat in a Swedish magazine and it was love at first sight. It’s plastic, it’s flashy but I love it! The retro part won! I have to have it!

Ok, I did it, phew – what a relief!

£9.99 (ca. €11) at Bob & Blossom

Now, to make you drop those eyebrows, here it is – a wooden beauty: isn’t this the most awesome thing you saw? I never thought this would even be possible (don’t ask me why). It’s a tiny (10 x 13 x 8 cm) radio made of pine and dark wood, it has large controls just perfect for the tiny fingers and it’s a normal, AM/FM receiving radio! At a €152.50 (From Wannekes) it’s certainly not cheap but a one-of-a-king piece, crafted by hand in 16 hours and made of high quality wood means something, right?

You can read more about this wonderful gadget and the “story behind” (as there’s a whole ECO project behind!) plus you can order directly from them right HERE



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