New from Green People: Quinoa & Artichoke Haircare

July 20, 2015

Green People Artichoke and Quinoa Haircare

There is a brand new product from one of my favorite cosmetic lines Green People you need to know about. The Quinoa & Artichoke Shampoo and Conditioner. Yes, I received testers for the both but I would honestly not write about them if I didn’t like them. Plus I know I never ever have to worry about the nasty stuff we all need to be afraid of nowadays like parabens, artificial perfumes, phthalates, colorants, and other chemicals I can’t even pronounce and/or write whenever I use their products. Green People’s products are as natural as they get and that’s why I’m always super excited whenever a new “member” is born.

So. Back to the shampoo – the first thing I noticed is the smell! I could swear I smell ginger but apparently not – it must be the mix of artichoke and quinoa then that smell exactly like ginger! Did anyone else try it and notice that or am I the only one? It’s delicious! Plus the shampoo contains proteins from the quinoa and eight essential amino acids that coat your hair and gives them volume. If you’re looking for magic you definitely need a magic wand to go with but I can tell you that the shampoo alone will make your hair first smell like ginger and definitely give you some extra volume and beautiful shiny hair! Are there any organic products you swear by?

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