Ode to My Favourite Nail Polish

December 13, 2011

I’ve tried my share of nail polishes in my life – from the cheapest ones to those more expensive ones, have even treated myself with a Dior once but had been completely disappointed and then did what every smart girl would do – bought a new one (but different colour, thank you!) only to get even more disappointed and this time with myself… So after these long years of testing (15 plus is long, right?) I narrowed it down to only one brand and I’m faithfully sticking to it! These are truly the best nail polishes ever – the brush is perfect (I almost never paint my skin around the nails), no need to second-coat (even the coloured ones!), they dry fast, last pretty long and best: they are sooo inexpensive! Yup, it’s plain Nivea my dears, Nivea!! And the collection I prefer is Calcium Power.

Another product that I use is something my almost sister in law gave me once – Dry Nail Spray (Liquid Freeze) from Avon which makes the polish literally dry in a minute or maybe two and the nail polish lasts even longer – when I was washing the dishes by hand (with my red polish on) it lasted for almost the whole week – and I mean in a presentably kind of way! If you don’t believe me, read these reviews here!

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