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October 24, 2013

byGraziela Memory

All three of us are big fans of puzzles and other games we can play together. Tila’s favorites are this Memory game from byGraziela at which she’s already better than me (now I don’t know if she’s a genius or if I just suck at it that much), Lotto (I love this one I found over at Igloo – just wish there was one in our alphabet as well) and this German game from Steffen Spiele called FindeVier (find four) I bought at my dear Rasselfish. I can never ever leave their store empty handed. Ever!


The rules are easy and the game is a really great counting tool for kids and to slowly introduce them to additions but in a very playful, unobtrusive way. Trust me – Tila hates it when I try to teach her something new, that’s why she’s still not that good at counting. But I can easily trick her with games like this.

So the rules are simple: all animals (5 different kinds) come in fours. And by turning the wooden disks you try to find all four. For each one you find you get a wooden token. When all four are found you go to the next animal until you run out of the cards. The person with the most tokens wins. So simple but really fun! And what I really love is the fact it’s only made of natural materials like wood (tokens are actually small wood slices with the bark still on) and paper. The rules come in German, English and also French.

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