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October 23, 2014


How are you handling this awful, awful weather? Just yesterday (ok, three days ago to be accurate) we had 23 degrees Celsius and now we’re down to 5! Yes 5! Is it just as bad as here wherever you are?
And of course the quick temperature variations took a toll on our smallest one’s health. Baby Talan is down with his very first cold. And to make the days more “fun” my husband had to go away for work. Now I have a sniffling and cranky baby in one hand and a little girl that need to be amused through out the day (or bad things start happening). Alone.

That’s why I was so happy and grateful when this sweet mail full of entertainment from the sweetest mom of (almost) four kids Maureen came for Tila – it was just what she (I) needed! If there is anything that EVERY kid loves and keeps them entertained for hours it’s stickers! I know Tila loves them ever since she could peel them off with those tiny chubby fingers and stick them on just about every surface she could find.

Did you also collect them when you were a kid? Didn’t we all? There were even sticker clubs where kids have sent each other different stickers. I don’t remember being a part of any but that would have been fun.

Anyway, Maureen came up with this genius idea of starting a Sticker Subscription Company for kids and named it Pipsticks. By subscribing you are guaranteed to receive a super cute envelope full of sticker of all kinds (the sparkly ones, the goofy ones, the puffy ones and even the sniffy ones) along with some crafty additions every single month. No exceptions.

We used more than a half of stickers the very first day (and there were over 15 sheets of them) by sticking them on colorful paper sheets that came along and she gave her masterpieces to three of her best friends in her kindergarten. Oh you should see the joy! There was hugging, there was kissing and there were screams of happiness. Just because they received a few stickers – already attached! It makes you think how little our kids really need and want huh? And how long can a post on stickers get… How did this happen?

But I’ll stop the torture here and now: you can subscribe for one moth, six months and there’s even an option to try it our first – a Taster Pack so you can see what the excitement is all about for yourself. Shipping within US is free and $3 (about €2.50) for the rest of the world

And if you decide to go for the either 6 or 12 Month Subscription Maureen will treat you with one free month! Just use a code JUNGLE10 at checkout.

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