Raaawr! Check out that Soother!

January 4, 2012

I’m not the biggest fan of wild animal prints but I think this is just the cutest dummy I’ve seen! Sadly, Tila was only into one brand and refused to try any other – even the bottle teat had to be the same shape as her dummy! She definitely knows what she wants even from since she was born! I wonder whom she’s got that after…? Back to Tiger Dummy: I really don’t think animal prints look good on children or even adults for that matter but I don’t know, maybe it’s the red ring that makes this one look super cool!
Bibi makes dummies free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC in two shapes: orthodontic (promotes healthy development of your baby’s jaw and palate) and cherry shape (bigger, rounder, harder to fall out – most parents go for this one when no other shape works) and orthodontic ones come in three different sizes (0+, 6+ and 12-36 months), cherry shaped in two (0+ and 6-36 months).
Note to most of you: Now, the thing I like even less than wild animal prints is newborns dressed in “I Heart Mama” and/or “Papa is the Best” prints from toe to head so please, at least use the dummy only! And if you’re wondering – they DO have matching bottles too, yes!

You can buy them at VUPbaby for £2.99 (€3.50), shipping across EU £9.95 (€12) and £2.95 for UK or from Bibi’s online shop for £3.40 (€4) and shipping within EU £15 (€18), £3 for UK

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