Roller Blades for Tila (and mua?)

March 8, 2012

In attempt to avoid useless or (God forbid) too expensive birthday gifts for Tila I hint her grandparents what kind of things would come in handy for her. No worries, they know it!
She saw a man on roller blades the other day and screamed: “meeeee, mommy, meee! I want to do this!!” And I think it’s a great idea as Tila is one super sporty child, with some incredible motor skills and she’s literally bursting with energy about 24/7 so this is something that might even help her use some… maybe. Plus it’s an awesome tool for balance and coordination improvement!
My mom and dad shared my enthusiasm and volunteered to get her a pair. Shhh, don’t tell her but Tila is getting these most awesome, back-to-70’s, roller blades I’ve ever seen! And since they have them in both children’s and adult sizes I’m even considering getting a pair for myself! Or does a mother-daughter matching rollerblades sound just a wee bit too cheesy?

They cost €54 plus shipping €5.95(EU) (UK free and EU over £75) at Surfdome and they even have some in pink that don’t look bad at all!

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  • Reply Raphaëlle Lory Huerfana March 8, 2012 at 12:46 pm

    very good idea as gift provide of roller skate for Tila especially if she has the soul of a sports ! when i was a little girl I had the same (much less stylish than this now) and my parents were the happiest in the world because I was always about to do!
    YES because I was a little girl who never stayed in place 🙂

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