Room Tour: Esther from Babyccino Kids

January 19, 2012

Most of you probably don’t know that I made a humble contribution for the Babiekins Magazine (last issue, page 231). We decided to ask the girls from Babyccino Kids (Courntey, Emilie and Esther) and Hadley & Holly from Tada! Shop to give us a peek of their kids rooms and as nosey as I am I also had to ask a few questions to go with. The before mentioned article is presenting the fabulous rooms of Courtney’s children but it would be a shame not to show you all the rest. So I will!
Let’s start with Esther van de Paal from Babyccino Kids – her older ones; Sara and Pim (6 and 4 yrs) share a room and Ava (1,5 yrs) has her own residence:

Ava's Room

Who are Sara, Pim and Ava?
Sara is our 6 years old daughter, a very tall and skinny, blue-eyed blonde, dreamy kind of girl. She loves crafting, sewing and cooking and to have company around her at all times!
Pim is our 4-year-old little mischievous boy; his big brown eyes make us melt so he gets away with more than he should. He has a great sense of humor and a very independent nature.
Ava (or ‘Cookie’) is our little baby girl and a replica of her big sister with big blue eyes and blonde baby curls. She loves (other) babies, cuddles and dogs, and adores riding on the front-seat of her mum’s bike in true Dutch style!

How would you describe their rooms?
The rooms are nice and bright and fresh. The house is built in the 1950’s and has big, steel windows.

Did you have a set plan for the rooms or did you let your ideas mature gradually?
The kids rooms constantly change — new toys arrive, new craft projects are displayed, they outgrow a bed, etc. It’s a work in progress!

What are your favorite pieces in their rooms and where did you get them from?
I love the vintage wallpaper tree from Inke.

What are their favorite pieces?
Sara loves her nightstand, where she keeps her treasures. Pim loves the toys and books around him. And Ava loves the couch (= guest bed) in her room – she loves to sit there and read books with her mummy or daddy.

What are your best tips for decorating children’s rooms?
Keep the surroundings simple. All those toys or books will add plenty of life and colour! Wall stickers are great and easy-to-change decoration. Invest in some nice artwork and have them professionally framed – it makes a difference. Keep the majority of toys stacked away but use some nice ones for display (Ikea sells great floating shelves).

What stores do you visit the most (for furniture, décor, toys, accessories etc.)?
I love thrift stores and the lovely boutiques on the Babyccino Kids Shopping Portal. For the basics I like to go to Ikea.

Thank you Esther!

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