Sale: My Favourite (Girl) Boot Hunts

January 24, 2011

My boyfriend I almost went crazy looking for the perfect pair of boots for Tila and it feels like I just did that like last month. When does this super-speedy foot-growing stop? Ok, I got the whining part out, now let’s share some of my favourite findings…

I just LOVE this cowboy boots from Pom d’Api and I just know they would look sooo adorable on my little cowboy girl…but…papa didn’t agree (very mildly said. Truth: he was really determined to stop me from this purchase!) although they are really nicely reduced: from €85 to €59,50! But you can get them from Spartoo.

How cute are these vintage design boots? Lined with 100% wool and super warm for low temperatures that are still ruthlessly following us. Plus Angulus is a very well appreciated Danish shoe brand so: gorgeous+healthy! Also with a great price fall – from 949 DKK (about €126) to 499 DKK (about €66) from Larve Fødder. This page is in Danish but they do send all over EU, so just use Google translate.P.s. if they had them in this colour I’d (ok, Tila would) have them by now…

Another 70s and 80s classics: Kickers boots. Leather lining and rubber sole. Assuming by the reviews I read they have to be very comfortable and big head-turners. Plus how stylish are the laces? Now, with 50% off £31 (about €36) at Soul Shoes.

Same thing – Danish site, but will send worldwide. I think I want them for both, Tila and me. Loving these boots from Petit by Sofie Schnoor (also wool lined) and would go crazy if they made them in my size! Dammit. Now 699 DKK (about €93) instead 1.049 DKK (about €139) at Growing Feet.

Now these are the boots I finally settled for! How madly gorgeous are they? Please, let me know how to resist a pair like this? I just fell in love with leather Petit Maloles (supposedly Suri’s favourite shoe brand – not that I really care as I truly DO NOT believe this girl is dressed the way a girl her age should be – maybe in ten or fifteen years…) so I didn’t really think long before throwing them into my virtual shopping basket. With chunky 40% off they now cost €65.40 (sizes 20.26) or even a bit less (€47.40) in sizes 17-90 at Le Petit Tom.

Now if I had a baby I’d definitely go for a pair of leather Tip Toey Joey’s also hugely appreciated by celebrity and are known for being one of the healthiest, high-quality “first step” shoes. Also from Le Petit Tom and with a pretty nice price tag: €22.80 (down from €38).

Ok the last two are not really boots, but more trainers. Although – they are high in ankles so it’s not so off-topic. A pair of little Diesel sneaks for 374,98 DKK (about €50) from House of Kids and good old Converse – pink is our next pair. £21.99 (about €26) at Javari (they offer FREE delivery to all EU countires!).

Do let me know if you caved for any of the pairs.

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