Schier Shoes: How Cool are These?!

August 17, 2012

Finally! I’ve been looking for the perfect Autumn/Winter shoes for Tila with that extra something to make my jaw drop. Don’t get me wrong – I did find quite a few adorable pairs and it’s not like Tila would walk around the world barefoot until I found the perfect shoes but this is exactly what I’ve been waiting for – they have the pop, the spark, the jaw-dropping and heart-stopping affects, you name it!

These shoes actually have their own name – velskoen, which stands for modern-day desert boots. Each and every single shoe is made at the Herbert Schier workshop in Namibia by a group of eight Damara men and the main material used is vegetable-dyed Kudu leather. The inside of the boot is made of suede and leather footbed, reinforced heel counter and rubber sole. Voilá, perfect shoe!

A pair of kids’ velskoen costs either $85 or $95 (ca. €70 – €77) and shipping to Europe is $25 (€20)

I’m not sure which ones I want more – the hairy ones or the neon toes? But I think we’ll start with neon’s first…

Ps. They have adult sizes too by the way…

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