Serafini Wedge Sneakers

May 10, 2012

I seriously can’t remember the last time I bought something for myself. But Masha from Style Lemon got me obsessed with Wedge Sneakers in this post and I could not get them off my mind. The ones I really wanted were the black and white Isabel Marant’s but they are not only ridiculously expensive but also completely sold out EVERYwhere! So I was searching…and searching…and yup, searching…and…finally found the ones I just had to have!
I wanted a quality wedge sneaker with a wide heel allowing short sprints without having to worry about falling flat on my face. I have a little girl literally bursting with energy, you know that by now right? So I found this Italian brand Serafini producing handmade shoes since 1885. I fell in love with their Manhattan Blue/Red/White and decided to treat myself.
And you know when you really want something and then when you finally get it doesn’t really look the way you imagined and hoped for? Well, nothing like that happened this time – the shoes are a perfect fit and they look even better than I imagined. And I am speechless over the quality – no visible glue, the perfect shape, unbelievably comfortable, gorgeous colours, I even love the box and the extra laces and straps and I could go on and on… One of my best purchases so far.

Ok, at €234 I cannot say they are cheap but you truly get what you pay for here!

Ps. Gotta be honest – my heart still does strange things whenever I see the black and white Marant’s though!

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  • Reply Anthony June 8, 2012 at 12:44 pm

    Thanks for the nice comments about Serafini – wait until you see the new models coming out if you are craving something black and white!

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