Spinning Fruit Tops by Andreu Carulla

March 9, 2012

I found these unbelievably cute Spinning Fruit Tops a while ago and really wanted to share immediately but you should see my long face when I found out they weren’t available to buy yet! That is until now! You can get the Strawberry, Pear or Lemon for £3.95 (ca. €4.50) from Hus & Hem but I hope they’ll soon have the other three as well – Carrot, Orange and Apple!
These bright-coloured spinning tops designed by Andreu Carulla are handmade of wood and make both a great toy and a wonderful decoration piece! I love the glossy finish – kind of gives them that “expensive” look, doesn’t it?

Ps. I was in the city today (i.e. Montpellier, France) and my eyes almost popped out when I spotted these Spinning Fruit Tops in a window of an adorable toy boutique called Pomme de Reinette! So of course, we are now the proud owners of one very gorgeous little Strawberry Spinning Top!

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    We are glad to see our healthy spinning tops in your fantastic blog!

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