Sweet Costume Patterns from Hello dear Kids

October 13, 2014

Hello Dear Kids Patterns

Maybe I can’t knit but I can sew and I love it. I remember how I’ve been sewing tiny clothes for dogs when I was younger and then I sold them online. Yes, really! I couldn’t wait to do the same for my kids. Now I finally have kids I can sew for but guess what I don’t have? Time! But that doesn’t stop me from bookmarking gorgeous projects I plan to realize when that extra time comes. Like this Etsy boutique Hello dear Kids selling patterns for kids, mostly costumes. Aren’t they just the sweetest? Tila can’t see this or I’ll have to give up a few nights of sleep.

Patterns come in sizes from 2-7 years along with tutorial and you receive them in a pdf form on your email after the purchase

All photos curtesy of Hello dear Kids Etsy boutique


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