Sweet Room Delights from A Little Lovely Company

February 12, 2016

Little Lovey Company

I’ve seen the little ice creams all over Instagram already but I never realized they were acutally nightlights and that they actually belong to a Norwegian company called A Little Lovely Company founded by two designers Judith de Ruijter & Nikki Hateley. And I most certainly didn’t expect them to be BPA and lead-free.

A Little Lovely Company

But guess what? They are! And they have many more cuteness in their own online boutique. We need the ice cream lights, the cloud lights (both sizes of course), the adorable pears, the light box and their lovely confetti balloons for Tila’s upcoming birthday!

Ps. I’m not a great fan of balloons otherwise beacause they last for very little time and make an enourmous damage to our planet (mostly animals) but even their balloons are made of natural latex and therefore biodegradable. How wonderful?

The first photo belongs to HUH.STORE

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