Tasha McKelvey Pottery

April 27, 2012

I never find the right words to start a post about outrageously cute stuff like this handmade pottery from Tasha McKelvey so I usually just go with “oh my dear/geez/God”, “are you serious” etc. But what else is here to say other than maybe “cooomeee oooon!”? Seriously, did you ever see cuter bowls? Or a teapot? I want to have the ring tray without even having any to put on! If only my hands had the magic skills to make stuff like this… or if at least my imagination could reach this far… Pure magic!

The Teapot costs €66, Bowls between €23-€50 (depending on the size) and Ring Trays are about €12. Shipping to EU depends on the weight; from €4 to €20

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